Missing e-mail

I’m disappointed in Slashdot.  With this story on Missing Whitehouse E-mail, I was hoping for some intelligent commentary on the logistics of making the e-mail go missing.  Most workplaces have policies and procedures on retaining e-mail; does the RNC then have policies and procedures on how not to retain e-mail?  I have this theory – more of a wish than a belief, actually – that technology professionals are more honest than other people, because you can’t BS technology.  A computer will do exactly what you tell it to do, even if (as often happens) that was not what you meant it to do.  In a profession that grapples with reality, I think TPs learn the habit of truth.  So I am shocked, shocked, to think that some sysadmin might be – oops! – archiving with the delete button.  It probably happens more often than I think.


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