Developer groups for women

I happened across a blog site for female developers.  I can’t help but think that they have the wrong idea.  There were lots of encouraging posts with smiley icons peppering the page.  Lots of discussion on how it feels to be a woman operating in a man’s world.  The feelings are legitimate, but creating a safe, women’s haven isn’t the answer.  The action is out there on the broader Internet in the vastly male technology blogs.  Women need to operate out in that realm, adding their voices to the mix. 

The women’s site concentrated on open source technology.  Some one commented that women are particularly a minority in the open source fields.  That hadn’t occurred to me before, but I suppose it makes sense – a newer frontier, and all.  On the Microsoft side of the world, the DotNetRocks podcast show has featured several strong female technology leaders.  I wonder if they achieved their voices of authority independently, or did they receive encouragement from Microsoft to try and overcome the odds. 


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