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These are the things that are making a big deal in my professional life – and my life:

– Running – Listening to podcasts has made running bearable – nay, enjoyable!
– Good weather – Right now, it’s too hot, but I prefer heat to cold.  I won’t go out if the temperature is < 70F!
– Podcasts – DotNetRocks, se-radio, Hanselminutes are the best. Just started listening to Arcast – a very good podcast on Presenter First pattern.
Carl and Richard just started RunAsRadio, which I have been avoiding because I am running out of listening time, but episode #12 on Identity (CardSPace) sounds pretty interesting.  I’m going to have to tune in against my will!
– Blogs – And I thought they were all just a bunch of hot air…
 Currently subscribed to:
  – Steve McConnell
  – Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror) – Consistently interesting
  – Joel on Software
  – Julie Lerman Blog
  – Mark Russinovich’s Blog
  – Patrick Cauldwell’s blog
  – Robert Scoble – the man must have carpal tunnel syndrome
  – Scott Hanselman
  – Intellectual Hedonism (Carl Franklin).
 Activity has really slowed down lately – everyone on vacation?
– RSS Bandit – For making all these blogs easy to follow
– wireless internet
– laptop PC
– booklight – for nights I can’t sleep.  This is an LED booklight – great light, great on batteries. 
– – I love ordering books from them!
– My Blog – I just started one.  Nothing worthwhile for anyone else to listen to at this point,
but it’s really helping me to get my thoughts organized.

Maybe not such a big deal, but still worth a mention:
– Paint.NET – Mostly what I appreciate is the transparency setting for color to highlight areas of  screen shots to send people when I am trying to explain how to set something up in our software.  Also I like the Undo ability.


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