Monthly Archives: July 2007

Ini File Builder

I have been playing around with a bunch of ideas, and they are finally cohering into my new project. The problem:  We have a set of electrical schematics that define a piece of custom equipment.  The schematics contain crucial information, such as what devices are present (motors, sensors, actuators, etc.), where they are located (address/port/bit), […]

Good software advice

I listened to Java Posse while running at lunch today.  (And I can’t get that darned “Java!  Java!  Java, java, ding, ding, ding” song out of my head!)  This was podcast #132, an interview with Bill Pugh and Brian Goetz.  They made a couple of good points about software.  It struck me how universal these […]

Internet 2

I finally stopped fighting with the different web services.  Use them as they are, not as I would like them to be.  This boils down to: Google – start page, with calendar, ToDo list, Notebook, weather Google News Reader Windows Live as a daily newspaper – for the time being, at least.  For perhaps no […]

Internet – great content but not convenient

I’m putting more of my “stuff” on the Internet, so’s I can access it from anywhere.  News – I use Windows Live.  I’m surprised I don’t see more enthusiasm about the News presentation of Windows Live.  It’s very simple, elegant, presents lots of information without clutter, intuitive to set up, intuitive to drill deeper into […]


I started running in May.  I run at lunchtime on the power line trail near the office park.  It’s two and a half miles roundtrip.  The first day was the best.  It was a beautiful spring day.  I was thrilled to be outdoors and moving.  The birds were busy, the wildflowers were starting to bloom.  […]

Robert Scoble

To my suprise, I am becoming a big fan of The Scobleizer, Rober Scoble.  He has a free-flowing train of thought which he expresses easily and often.  I love the way he doesn’t just statically review technology, he dives into it and brings us along with him while he does so.  I imagine it takes […]

Ruby, let us say not goodbye, but au revoir

I finished the Programming Ruby book.  I read and interacted with the first few chapters very thoroughly.  After the section on Block programming, I started skimming.  It was exciting -there is a lot I could learn from Ruby: – Mixins instead of Inheritance – Blocks – how to use them effectively – Test Driven Development – A […]