Ruby, let us say not goodbye, but au revoir

I finished the Programming Ruby book.  I read and interacted with the first few chapters very thoroughly.  After the section on Block programming, I started skimming.  It was exciting -there is a lot I could learn from Ruby:
– Mixins instead of Inheritance
– Blocks – how to use them effectively
– Test Driven Development – A dynamic language like Ruby goes hand in hand with TDD
–  Simplicity – Priniciple of Least Surprise – Elegance (so they say)
– Everything is an object – but that is true in C# also, so it doesn’t seem like such a revelation

My conclusion:  I have just given myself permission to not learn Ruby.  Or, at least, not learn it any better.  Or not for now.  To truly go in depth on Ruby would take more time than I have available right now.  The time that I do have I think will be better spent on work-related projects – something that gives some immediate benefit.

 Sorry, Ruby – may we meet again when I have more time.


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