Internet – great content but not convenient

I’m putting more of my “stuff” on the Internet, so’s I can access it from anywhere. 

  • News – I use Windows Live.  I’m surprised I don’t see more enthusiasm about the News presentation of Windows Live.  It’s very simple, elegant, presents lots of information without clutter, intuitive to set up, intuitive to drill deeper into the articles, a minimal amount of flashing ad-ness.  I have one main page with:  PC World, Washington Post, BBC News, Slashdot, MSNBC Business, USAToday Weather (surprisingly interesting), NPR news.
  • News – I’m weaning myself off Google news, meaning that one of these days – soon – really! – I am going to stop looking at it.  Mostly I look at US news, World news, politics.  The content just isn’t there any more.  It used to be that you could see  articles with varying viewpoints on any subject.  It was interesting to read what different people had to say.  But now, you look at articles from newspapers all around the world, and they are all the same!  Apparently, there are only 3 journalists left in the world writing all the articles.  It’s the end of intelligent civilization as we know it. 
  • Calendar – I was initially enthusiastic about Google Calendar.  I want something simple for my not-too-complicated home life.  Microsoft pushes Outlook, which is way overkill for something like this.  I want to look at the Month view, click on a day, and type something in, just like I would on a paper monthly calendar.  This works very nicely, with some added Google cleverness where they figure out the start time, even if embedded in the middle of my text.  The Calendar works great if I go to my Google account and access it directly.  There is a nice Calendar view that I can add to my iGoogle page.  But adding events from the iGoogle page doesn’t work so well.  I couldn’t delete events.  I couldn’t Quick Add an event for a day other than today.  I added an event with a start time, it forced me to include an end time as well. 
  • ToDo list – added this to my iGoogle page
  • News – I don’t like the new presentation on iGoogle.  Too much space, too much flashing.
  • RSS Reader – I have been using RSSBandit on my desktop, which is quite nice.  But I want to view my subscriptions from home, too.  Did I try this from Google?  Can’t remember now, but I think it did, and it’s the same whitespacy , ad flashy thing.  IE7 – we don’t have it at work.  Windows Live – I can add the feeds and see them in the elegant News reader fashion, but it doesn’t highlight the Unread messages.  Bloglines – I’m starting to play around with this, no opinion yet.
  • ToDo list- Nice little gadget on iGoogle.  Simple to use – yes!
  • Google documents – I started some documents on Google, but I’m not willing to put any private information on them, so how useful is that?
  • MSN Messenger – Mostly I have been using this as a way to get notification when I get e-mail in my hotmail account, but the annoyance of having to sign in (I don’t want to autosign in) made me turn it off again.

Bottom line is, there are lots of nice doodads out there, but not all in the same place.  I want to be able to access it all with one glance at one page.  I don’t want to go clicking around all over the place. 


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