Monthly Archives: August 2007

User Settings in C#

Yes, accessing user settings in C# is easy.  It took me hours to realize that. This MSDN article explains it all.  I advise you to slow down, read it, and follow the directions exactly – unlike what I did. The key thing to know is: –> In Solution Explorer, click the Properties folder and open […]

Code Spaces

A Fresh Cup had a news item about Code Spaces, an internet  code repository.  The current beta version is free.  I’m there!  This is exactly what I have been looking for!  It will give me the opportunity to start hosting source code control with Subversion, which is something I have wanted to try out.  I downloaded […]

Personality differences and programming style

Updated  This is a tale of two programmers:  Careful and Speedy.  Perhaps they will make a great team working together – if they don’t kill each other first.  Speedy has an amazing, fluid, fertile mind.  With a minimum amount of direction, Speedy can spew out pages of code and functionality and screens showing some really innovative ideas.  But […]


What I learned about cloning is that you’re on your own.  Discussions on the web don’t agree about the right way to implement cloning.  You can implement the ICloneable interface, a copy constructor, or your own cloing interface, but: — You have to write your own implementation — There is no standard of whether the Clone method […]

Internet 3

Okay, I was wrong.  Google Reader is fantastic.  My current setup is: Starting point – I have the Favorites pane on the left side of Internet Explorer with a list of the pages I like to look at.  This works very well.  The whole key is having it displayed in a window pane.  Accessing it from the menu somehow always seemed […]