Internet 3

Okay, I was wrong.  Google Reader is fantastic.  My current setup is:

Starting point – I have the Favorites pane on the left side of Internet Explorer with a list of the pages I like to look at.  This works very well.  The whole key is having it displayed in a window pane.  Accessing it from the menu somehow always seemed like too much of a bother.  I don’t like that the Favorites on my home and work PCs are not automatically synchronized; they are only the same if I remember to add the same links to both.   

My home page is a blank page at home and Windows Live Search at work.  I still like the elegance of Windows Live.  The Google search at the top of my iGoogle page I don’t use much because I don’t keep that page displayed – I look at it, then close it.

iGoogle – home page.  I’m getting used to this page, and getting much more use out of it.  Love the Calendar, although it is buggy.  Weather – eh, okay, but what I would really love is a radar map.  Google docs and spreadsheets – very happy with this – still don’t trust anything too personal on it, but using it to store some documents on things I am thinking about.  Google Notebook – it is on my page, but i don’t look at what I have in there.  ToDo List – I like it, I like it’s simple, intuitive interface, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I have never been able to use a ToDo list.  Seems like the items I put up there stay there forever, glaring at me accusingly.  What is mostly helpful is the act of writing items down.

Google Reader – This is great.  I am becoming very fond of it.  DEFINATELY the way to go.  I couldn’t live with a PC-bound RSS reader now that I have experienced Google reader.

 Windows Live – This is my personal newspaper.  I have 3 tabs set up, like different sections of the paper.  I still admire its clean and elegant appearance.  Alas, I read somewhere that Microsoft has redesigned the Windows Live appearance.  From what I saw, it has more white space and more flashiness, which are not qualities I want them to strive for.  We’ll see what happens …

Wikipedia – Everything is in here.  It is kind of like visiting heaven, I think.

Techmeme – yeah, but I don’t keep up with it.

Google News – I’m still trying to break the habit…



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