70-536 Overview

I’m going to study and see if I can assimilate the knowledge for Microsoft Exam 70-536 “Application Development Foundation”.  I hope that I perservere long enough to take (and pass!) the exam.  At the very least, I’m sure to learn something, so it’s a win situation no matter what happens.

A while ago, I started taking the Microsoft E-Learning course for this exam.  I discovered that the Online course is very high-level – it is a review course, not a teaching course.  I need something more in-depth.  There is a self-paced book for this course, so I thought I would get that.  But the reviews on Amazon say that there are an annoyingly high number of errors in the book.  The reviews were bad enough that I decided not to get it.  I am going to self-study from information on the Internet instead.  And you know what?  That is probably the best way to study anyway!  I think it will be fun to research this on my own, and it will probably stick in my head better. 

 So, I am starting today – right here and right now.

The 70-536 Exam Preparation Guide is my starting point.  These are the major sections on the exam:

  • Section 1:  System Types and Collections
  • Section 2:  Processes, Threads, Application Domains
  • Section 3:  Configuration, Diagnostics, Management, Installation
  • Section 4:  Serialization and I/O
  • Section 5:  Interop, Reflection, Mailing
  • Section 6:  Globalization, Drawing, Text Manipulation

All good things to learn!  I’m excited. 

I’m going to start with Section 3, because I am currently wrestling with some installation questions on a project at work.


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