RegisterFile utility

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  I like to keep track of which podcasts I have listened to so that I don’t mistakenly download and start to listen to it again.  I was keeping a copy of all the files on my hard drive, but it is a ridiculous waste of space – they use up 8.5 GB in space, and all I want is the name of the file! 

This morning, I wrote a little utility to scan all the wma and mp3 files in a directory and add their names to a list in a text file.  The program reads the “Register.txt” file into memory.  This is the list of file names.  Then it scans the directory and adds those names to the list.  Then it writes the list back to the file. 

I used the SortedList collection, which made it a snap to keep the list in alphabetical order.  I created a case insensitive string comparer which probably wasn’t necessary, but I thought maybe I might some day want to edit the file and type in a new name without worrying about case. 




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