Section 3 – Configuration

   This “Unravelling the Mysteries…” article by Jon Rista looks great, but I think I need to start one step prior to it.  Particularly, what kind of information are we talking about storing in the configuration files?  It seems more complicated than anything I have done with configuration files – why do I need all this power?  Are we talking about putting actual data objects in the configuration file, or just settings?

These items caught my eye as I was reading:

  • Be careful what classes I use and what literature I reference to learn configuration.  The ConfigurationSettings class from .Net 1.1 has been deprecated.  ConfigurationManager is where it’s at for 2.0.
  • The author thinks it is important to access the configuration items from the file every time, rather than caching them in local memory.  This lets you hot-swap in new values.
  • You define items declaratively using property attributes or programatically. 

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