I have been thinking and working very hard on getting myself focused and moving productively in a forward direction.  I have come up with these goals.  I display them prominently in a To-Do list on my Google home page.


  1. Review these goals every day
  2. Write in journal 5 minutes per day
  3. Program 5 minutes per day

Goal 1 – Review the goals.  Very important to keep in mind this mini-framework of what I am trying to accomplish.

Goal 2 – This goal is thanks to Gerald M. Weinberg in his book Becoming a Technical Leader.  One of his points is that he can’t tell you what to write in the journal, because everyone is different.  YOU need to write the journal to discover your own needs. 

Goal 3 – Program for 5 minutes.  By this I mean, program to learn something new, not necessarily a work task.  For instance, yesterday, I wrote a little program to list all the Special Folders and their meanings from the Environment.SpecialFolders list.  And by 5 minutes, I mean that I am committed to do at least 5 minutes, but what generally happens is that I become absorbed and spend more time.  The “5 minutes” is just a way to get started without feeling intimidated that I must spend Lots Of Time.



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