I want an iPAQ 110!

Sometimes, you don’t know what you are going to do with something until you actually live with it.  That’s where I am with my – if I ever get it – PDA.  It could turn out to be an indispensable tool (or is that toy?) that I love.  Or, it may turn out that the technology just isn’t “there” yet, and I wasted my money.  I won’t know until I try it. 

What I want to do is be able to load the PDA with documents and read them offline.  I would also like to be able to do some wireless web browsing.  I would like to be able to read news, blogs, articles.  And Wikipedia, of course.  I would also like to be able to jot down notes.  I don’t know how feasible this idea is.  With the small PDA viewscreen, there may not be enough room to actually see anything.  That is what I am going to find out.

Features that are important to me:

– lightweight

– small size

– Wireless connectivity – 802.11b

– Can read .doc and .pdf files

– Internet browser

– Handwriting recognition – This is going to be fun to play with!

– .wma, .mp3 player – not necessary, but would be nice

– Viewable screen – adequate size, brightness, resolution

– Cost under $300

Features that I don’t want:

– Cell Phone – connection is too slow, don’t want a big cell phone, don’t want to be tied to a phone plan

– Camera, GPS, Keyboard – Don’t want the weight, cost, complication, battery load

– Full fledged music library interface – I don’t need it

– Email synchronization, pushing, etc.  – I can read my e-mail online.  I don’t get so much that I need notification.  This isn’t for work.

– Messaging

Just as I started researching PDAs, HP announced there new iPAQ lineup.  The iPAQ 110 sounded like just the ticket for me.  That was in early September.  Since then, I have been waiting… and waiting…

Impatient with waiting, I decided to check out some other PDAs and PDA-like devices.  There isn’t much interesting out there in the PDA world these days.  Everything is tied to a cell phone.  Or it’s a GPS device.  GPS would be neat, but I’m not willing to pay for it.  Next time.  The beauty of technology is, it only gets better!

I don’t want to buy anything “old” – meaning, released prior to 2007.  It would be obsolete already!

Nokia has the N800 and N810 internet tablet devices.  Their main feature is an 800×400 display.  You might actually be able to see something!   The N810 includes a physical keyboard.  This sounds neat, but heavier and bigger.  Also, I think they don’t support .doc files. 

 The Apple iTouch sounds cool, beautiful, intriguing.  But you are locked into that Apple “we do everything for you” mentality which I don’t much care for.  From Wikipedia:  The iPod touch also has the capability to detect the current and last 10 songs playing in a Starbucks café within the vicinity of the device”.  Gee, wow.  I don’t know what its support for documents is.  That is not what the device is meant for.   So I’m back to waiting for the iPAQ 110.  It runs Windows Mobile 6.0.  I’m excited about that.  I think Microsoft has been putting out some neat software in the last few years.  I have high expectations for the Mobile 6.0.  


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