Monthly Archives: November 2007


I was in a funk at work.  Didn’t know what my priorities were, too many pressing crises, undone tasks, despair.  I decided I needed to get myself better organized so that I could get something done.  I feel I have made huge strides in this area within the past few months – I’m very proud […]

Playing with the iPAQ

Playing around more with the iPAQ.  Here are the latest discoveries: – I can’t delete the ClearVue PDF reader.  Nor do I see a way to associate the “.pdf” extension with Adobe Reader 2.0.  It hasn’t been a problem – I can easily go into Adobe Reader and open the pdf file.  It’s just that […]

My new IPAQ 111 – Woo Hoo!

I waited… and waited… one day… two days… three days… Finally, in the wee hours Monday morning, I threw in the towel and ordered my iPAQ.  I ordered from, wanting the reliability – and returnability if something went wrong.  I used Amazon Free Shipping.  Cynically, I notice that for most of the year, Free […]