Playing with the iPAQ

Playing around more with the iPAQ.  Here are the latest discoveries:

– I can’t delete the ClearVue PDF reader.  Nor do I see a way to associate the “.pdf” extension with Adobe Reader 2.0.  It hasn’t been a problem – I can easily go into Adobe Reader and open the pdf file.  It’s just that I feel helpless not being able to do these things.  And, by the way, I love file extensions, even though Windows keeps trying to hide them from me.

– The writing transcriber works remarkably well.  Small corrections are usually necessary, however – I need to figure out how to use the gestures for editing.  Also I want to look into the training mode, to see if that helps.

– Writing on the PDA screen is very tiring.  It affects my style of writing – I self-edit before writing to choose shorter words and eliminate unnecessary words.  I miss the flowing freedom of typing.

– The calendar.  Sheesh.  I have never liked the Outlook style calendar.  I have learned to love the Google Calendar over the past few months, but now that I have this PDA, should I be weaning myself off Google?  (Microsoft is saying, “Yes, yes, yes!”)  The PDA Calendar is very Microsoftie – it is great for business people that have many events scheduled per day.  But I’m using it as a social calendar, one event every few days, and the PDA/Outlook calendar is overkill.  What I want to see is an overview of the month with a list of upcoming events scheduled – JUST LIKE THE GOOGLE CALENDAR GADGET DOES IT.  The Outlook calendar makes me click-click-click to do anything.  So, click-click-click – display month view.  I see little boxes on the dates.  What events are in those boxes?  Click – Okay, I see an event for that day.  But now what?  What should I be planning for that is a few days ahead?  Do I scroll forward in days until I see something?  Do I back out to month view – click – then select the next day – click?  It is not very effective. 

– Internet – It’s definitely harder to read web pages on the tiny little screen.  No surprise there.  What has surprised me, though, is that it feels like a big disconnect between mobile browsing and PC screen browsing.  For instance, I have customized Google News and Windows Live pages on the PC.  Wouldn’t I be interested in that same content on a mobile device?  They assume not, because the sites pop me into the default mobile version for those sites.  If I want to look at the same information, I’ll need to set it up independently.  And what about my favorites list?  Autosync told me it was going to sync my PDA to my PC, but it didn’t.  It gives me the default Microsoft Mobile favorites.  Are other people really interested in all that celebrity gossip stuff?  That’s scary.  And finally, I am shocked, SHOCKED to discover that I can’t edit my Google Docs.  I can only read them.  What is going on there?

– I would like a faster way to switch back and forth between apps.  I’ll have to look around and see if there is a way.  Last night, I was transferring info from my Google Calendar to the PDA Calendar.  Start – Internet Explorer – look at Google Page – PDA Calendar button – enter data into calendar.  I want one click that switches me back and forth.

– Up/Down buttons – In Internet Explorer, the up/down buttons don’t scroll up or down a page – they jump to the next link!  I don’t want to do that.  I was sure there must be a way to redefine it, but I don’t see any.

– One thing I did like – it’s easy to flick the WIFI connection on and off.  Also easy to control the lighting.

– Options – I think they are right to only provide a very small list of options to customize.  And yet, I find myself frustrated at things like not being able to redefine the scroll function on the up/down buttons.



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