Why learning DotNet is driving me crazy

Every #$%)! time I try to write a #*@(! DotNet program, I get so waylaid looking things up and trying to figure out how everything works that I don’t make any progress in the program.  It’s like chipping away at a mountain with a teaspoon.  On the one hand, I feel like I am learning a lot, but on the other hand, I still, Still, STILL am not fluent in this technology. 

Today, for the Nth time, I got hung up with the DataGridView.  Back in VB6, I was perfectly happy and productive manually manipulating and populating the MSFlexGrid control.  But DataGridView has such fantastic autogeneration capability, I keep struggling to use it properly.  Heaven forbid I write code when I could just set the BindingSource equal to something and have it magically all appear! 

My problem today was that public fields in an object do not map to datagrid columns; only public properties do.  While I researched that, I got entangled in reading about when/if to use public fields vs. properties and thence on to coding guidelines.  And, of course,  there is no consensus on this stuff, only many strong but conflicting opinions.

These are good problems to have, actually.  Just that I was feeling a mite frustrated, and had to let it out.


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