How to pronounce Route: Root

Garrett has a book called Amazing Undersea Adventure Mazes.  Every maze starts out with a command to “find the correct route.”  Reading out loud to Garrett, sometimes I would pronounce the word “root”, other times I would pronounce it “rout”.  It all depended upon the way it sounded in the paragraph.  It was driving me crazy not to have a consistent pronunciation.  After reading some very entertaining commentary on the Web, I have decided to use the pronunciation “root” from here on in, as heard in the song “Get your kicks on Route (‘root’) 66!”  Yay, Bobby Troup.  (“Troop” not “Trowp”.)

Until I looked on the Web, I didn’t realize that the pronunciation of “router”, as in network router, is also in debate.  That, of course, should be pronounced “rowter”.


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