Vista, and Getting Things Done

I accomplished several useful things over the weekend.  Funny how sometimes these “to do” tasks build up and finally something happens to break the dam and I knock them off in short amount of time.


Somewhat related, The Brazen Careerist has a recent article called “Get good at finding the true barriers to getting what you want”.  She loved her yoga class, but didn’t go for a long time because she had a toenail infection and didn’t want anyone to see her feet.  Finally she forced herself to go and found that no one cared about her feet anyway.  Now that the barrier was broken, she felt happy to attend the class again.  It’s a gross story (the author has a way of doing that!) but a great point.


For me, the dam-breaker was PhillyDotNet.  Hearing Bill Wolfe calling out the development trends in his big, booming voice made me think “What am I waiting for, anyway?”  So in the course of the weekend, I:


– Upgraded my PC from 1GB to 2GB RAM. 

– Purchased an external USB hard drive (Western Digital Passport, 232 GB). 

– Moved my music library off my work PC to the hard drive.  I had a bunch of CDs that I was waiting to Rip until I got the external drive, so now I am going through them and adding some much-needed new music to my library.  New old music, because these are old CDs that I haven’t been listening to.

– Upgraded my home PC to Vista!  It worked great.  I give HP a great deal of credit for this – they had a very clear set of directions and a couple of utilties to walk me through this painlessly.  I have an HP Pavilion dv8000 laptop, and I have been very happy with it.  It is a well-designed machine.  I give Microsoft a lot of credit, too – Vista has been much maligned, but they clearly put much effort into keeping the operating system backward compatible while still moving forward, no easy feat.

– Moved my website Favorites list from the desktop to Windows Live Favorites.    That way I can easily visit all my favorite sites from any PC.  I checked out Google Toolbar to do the same thing, but you have to have Google Toolbar installed on the PC.  I’m trying to move away from installing things on my PC.  Also, the Google Toolbar looks cartoonish and kind of ugly, particularly on fancy Vista.  Did Microsoft intentionally choose a default color scheme that would clash with Google?

– Installed Virtual PC.  Created a Virtual Machine running XP.

– Over time, I am trying to move as much of my PC baggage to “the cloud” as I can.  I’m also trying to organize my files better.  “Search” seems to be the trend for finding files anymore, but I think it still pays off to have them in a logical location in the first place.


What will be next?  I need to get some Antivirus software on the PC ASAP, and then back to building my website!



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