The Traveller’s Gift by Andy Andrews

The Traveller’s Gift is a set of 7 homilies setting life goals that will help you succeed.  The messages are things like “the buck stops here”, “seek wisdom”, “I am a person of action”, etc.  These are great goals and definately worth having impressed in your mind.  The book is easy to read, the ideas are relevant, and the religious undertones aren’t too pushy.  I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others.

I am a little bemused by the genre, which I’ll call “inspirational management books for men.”  The formula is:  Manager is failing to lead the company out of trouble.  He doesn’t have the resources to protect his family.  He has a mystical encounter with strong leaders and learns The True Message.  He applies what he has learned to become a great leader and the pride of his family.  

Do men have such intense needs to look strong in front of others and feel like good family providers?  It’s sure not something women talk about, at least not the ones I know, at least not in that way.  Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.


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