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How to pronounce Route: Root

Garrett has a book called Amazing Undersea Adventure Mazes.  Every maze starts out with a command to “find the correct route.”  Reading out loud to Garrett, sometimes I would pronounce the word “root”, other times I would pronounce it “rout”.  It all depended upon the way it sounded in the paragraph.  It was driving me crazy not […]

I don’t want to track back

I was shocked when I linked to an article on someone’s blog to find that my link had automatically posted in the blog’s Comments section.  WordPress has an option “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article” which I have now unchecked which will hopefully prevent tracking back.  I know the Web thinks we […]

Why learning DotNet is driving me crazy

Every #$%)! time I try to write a #*@(! DotNet program, I get so waylaid looking things up and trying to figure out how everything works that I don’t make any progress in the program.  It’s like chipping away at a mountain with a teaspoon.  On the one hand, I feel like I am learning a […]

News items at the end of 2007

– Pope’s Christmas sermon says we have to take better care of the Earth. Thank you, Pope Benedict. It’s time for you leaders to catch on and speak up. Anyone else care to join him? – Big US investment firms, e.g. Merrill, need to raise cash, are selling holdings to rich foreign investors. Oh, US, […]


I was in a funk at work.  Didn’t know what my priorities were, too many pressing crises, undone tasks, despair.  I decided I needed to get myself better organized so that I could get something done.  I feel I have made huge strides in this area within the past few months – I’m very proud […]


I have been thinking and working very hard on getting myself focused and moving productively in a forward direction.  I have come up with these goals.  I display them prominently in a To-Do list on my Google home page. Goals: Review these goals every day Write in journal 5 minutes per day Program 5 minutes […]

Writing here, writing there, scraps of writing everywhere…

I am writing in two blogs, Google docs, and a small notebook – a leeeeetle bit overextended, as I can’t keep track of what I am writing where.  I’ll have to come up with a more coherent plan.  At the least, I am discontinuing writing my 70-536 study notes to the blog.  It’s easiest to […]

Code Spaces

A Fresh Cup had a news item about Code Spaces, an internet  code repository.  The current beta version is free.  I’m there!  This is exactly what I have been looking for!  It will give me the opportunity to start hosting source code control with Subversion, which is something I have wanted to try out.  I downloaded […]

Personality differences and programming style

Updated  This is a tale of two programmers:  Careful and Speedy.  Perhaps they will make a great team working together – if they don’t kill each other first.  Speedy has an amazing, fluid, fertile mind.  With a minimum amount of direction, Speedy can spew out pages of code and functionality and screens showing some really innovative ideas.  But […]

Good software advice

I listened to Java Posse while running at lunch today.  (And I can’t get that darned “Java!  Java!  Java, java, ding, ding, ding” song out of my head!)  This was podcast #132, an interview with Bill Pugh and Brian Goetz.  They made a couple of good points about software.  It struck me how universal these […]