Running Journal

Thursday 8/7/2008 – Running 2 1/2 miles power line trail.  I rescued a worm that was crawling down the path drying out.  I transported him to a cool grassy area.  Worms are a lot easier to pick up when they are dry.

Wednesday 8/6/2008 – Running 2 1/2 miles, power line trail.  I’m pleased with myself.  I felt tired and wasn’t going to go running.  Then I thought, Oh, I’ll go for a short run.  Once I got started, I warmed up and felt good and kept going.  Funny how that happens.

Tuesday 8/5/2008 – Running 2 1/2 miles, power line trail.  Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!  It was hot and humid – my face was radiating like a hot iron by the time I was done.

Monday 8/4/2008 Garrett sick AGAIN!  Went in to work after lunch.

Friday 8/1/2008 Went for a walk

Thursday 7/31/2008 Running 2 1/2 miles

Wednesday 7/30/2008 Lunchk with Ginny and Laura.  A good thing, since I had no clean workout clothes.

7/29/2008 Running 2 1/2 miles, despite heat and humidity.  yay!

7/28/2008 Running, 2 1/2 miles

Friday 7/25/2008 Running finally!  2 1/2 miles.

Thursday 7/24/2008 – Took a vacation day.  Irene and kids are visiting.  We all met Joanne at 30th Street Station for lunch.  She works in the offices upstairs – so cool.  Went to the Art Museum in the afternoon – excellent.

Wednesday 7/23/2008 – Desperately worked through lunch.

Tuesday 7/22/2008 – No. 

Monday 7/21/2008 – No. 

Friday 7/18/2008 – Ran to gym, worked out, ran back.  Easier than running, for sure!

Thursday 7/17/2008 – Ran 2 1/2 miles, felt great.

Wednesday 7/16/2008 – Ran 2 1/2 miles.  Very nice.

Tuesday 7/15/2008 – Ran 2 miles, slow but sure.

Monday 7/14/2008 – Eye doctor appointment.  New contacts, new glasses, new prescription.  Whew!  The world looks different.  The doctor’s office emailed me photos of my retinas afterwards.  Why?  Because they could, I suppose. 

Friday 7/11/2008 – Went for a short walk, then laid down for a rest in the car.  I swear I’m not such a slacker as I appear; I’m just so tired these days!

Thursday 7/10/2008 – Sore, went for a walk. 2 miles.

Wednesday 7/9/2008 – Ran 2 1/2 miles.  Very humid.

Tuesday 7/8/2008 – Ran to the gym, worked out.  It felt great!  Did some stretching, too.  I feel very stiff anymore.

Monday 7/7/2008 – Ran 1 3/4 miles.  75 degrees and 82% humidity, the weather report says.  It felt hotter and wetter!

Friday 7/4/2008 – Independence Day!  Drove down to Delaware for the day to visit Irene and family, who are vacationing with the McGinty’s.  Very nice!

Thursday 7/3/2008 – Went for a walk, I guess.

Wednesday 7/2/2008 – Company picnic.  It was very nice – beautiful day, catered food.  Thanks, Rich, for hosting this.  Thanks, Ali, for instigating!

Tuesday 7/1/2008 – Can it be July?  Ran to the gym for a workout.

Monday 6/30/2008 – Panic over – machine shipped today.  Went running on the power line trail, 2 1/2 miles.

Thursday, Friday – Still working through lunch in a panic.  Not so mad about it, now that I can see some progress.

Wednesday 6/25/2008 – I worked through lunch, and I’m mad about it.  I had an unreasonable deadline to meet at 3 PM.

Tuesday 6/24/2008 – Ran to gym, worked out, ran back.  Wahoo!  Rubber-band girl was there, stretching her leg straight up over her head.  She inspired me to do a painful, pitiful stretch of my own.  Stretching is something I should start doing aggressively…

Monday 6/23/2008 – Running, 2 miles Power Line trail.  Wahoo!

Sunday 6/22/2008 – Starting to make a comeback after my week of dopiness?  Worked out at the Plymouth Community Center this morning.  30 minutes running on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the machines.  They have very nice new machines there.  I have great plans to exercise this week!

Friday 6/20/2008 – Took a nap in the car. 

Thursday 6/19/2008 – Upset stomach (What a cry-baby!).  Walked 2 1/2 miles Power Line trail.

Wednesday 6/18/2008 – Upset stomach.  Walked 1 mile.

Tuesday 6/17/2008 – Upset stomach.  Walked 2 miles power line trail.

Monday 6/16/2008 – 2 miles power line trail.  Slow.

Wednesday – Sunday – Vacation in Chincoteague, Virgina.  Beaches, bikeriding, mosquitos, crabs, birds, ponies – lots of fun!  No running, though.

Tuesday 6/10/2008 – 94 degrees, with slight breeze.  Ran to gym, 1 circuit machines, ran back. 

Monday 6/9/2008 – 99 degrees.  Slightly breezy, though, so not as bad as it sounds.  Ran to the gym 1/4 mile, 1 circuit machines, ran back.  An easy workout, actually – I’ll have to start doing 2 circuits, I think.

Friday 6/6/2008 – Gym workout.  Treadmill 20 minutes, 1 circuit machines.

Thursday 6/5/2008 – Running, 2 miles Power Line Trail. 

Wednesday 6/4/2008 – A strange day.  First, I thought it was Tuesday.  Then, I blew through lunchtime without even realizing it until I mentally surfaced at 1:15.  I went to the gym anyway and did the elliptical and weight machines.  I’ve decided to alternate weight training with running.  It felt great!

Tuesday 6/3/2008 – Running 2 miles Power Line trail, ha ha ha.  Slowly.  Where has all my strength gone? 

Monday 6/2/2008 – Worked through lunch and didn’t work out.  Walked 1 1/2 miles in the evening at home – not enough.  Need to BE SURE and do a workout tomorrow.  I’m considering running to the gym and doing some weights instead of just running.

Sunday 6/1/2008 – Wow, I can’t believe it’s June.  Bikeriding again with George and Garrett – not in the rain.

Saturday 5/31/2008 – Bikeriding with George and Garrett in the rain.  It was actually quite fun! 

Friday 5/30/2008 – Another beautiful day:  81 degrees, 34% humidity, 10 mph wind.  Again, I worked into lunch so thought I would walk but the fantastic weather changed my mind.  This time, I had shorts that fit!  2 miles running Powerline trail.

Thursday 5/29/2008 – Ridiculous story of the day:  I worked late into lunch to finish up some tasks.  Because of the time, I decided to just go for a walk.  When I went outside, I discovered that the weather is beautiful today – 76 degrees, 33% humidity, 13 mph breeze.  This is perfect running weather!  I decided to go running after all.  I went back inside and changed into my gym clothes.  Oh, no!  My gym shorts were way too small!  I dithered for a few minutes, but figured what the heck, nobody else will care.  I was about to walk out the door – but then I decided that not only did these shorts look bad on me,  they were physically uncomfortable as well.  So I changed back into my clothes and went for a walk – 2 miles, power line trail.  Sheesh.

Wednesday 5/28/2008 – Lunch with Ginny and Laura

Tuesday 5/27/2008 – 82 degrees, 62% humidity.  Ran 2 miles, walked the last mile of the Power Line trail.

Memorial day weekend – Perfect, beautiful weather !  We went up to the Poconos.  Enjoyed a 20 mile bikeride on the Lehigh River Gorge trail with MR and family.  Garrett did a great job on the trailabike.  This was his longest ride ever.  By the end, he wasn’t pedalling much, but neither was he complaining (much).  On Monday, we rented kayaks and had a great time paddling around Big Boulder Lake.

Thursday 5/22/2008 – 30 minutes treadmill.  Good cardio workout without much pain.

Wednesday 5/21/2008 – Nada.  Garrett sent home sick from school today.

Tuesday 5/20/2008 – Raining.  Did 30 minutes elliptical at the gym.  Very nice, but I am eager to get outside again.

Monday – Worked through lunch, for no particular reason.

Friday – Raining.  I went to the gym and walked for 30 minutes.  O, Running, where did you go?

Wednesday – Really beautiful today.  I’m glad I gave myself permission yesterday not to run if I don’t feel like it.  I walked my 2 miles happily.  My theory is that this is the best time of year for walking.  Once the weather gets hot, I might as well run so I can change my clothes afterwards.

Tuesday – Beautiful outdoors.  Sunny, temperate, breezy.  I walked 2 miles on the Power Line Trail.  I’m not feeling like running just now.  I think I’m scared it will be difficult.

Monday – Raining outdoors.  I was going to run an errand at lunch, but someone pulled me aside for “just a quick question” just before lunch, and I ended up so frustrated at the usual chaos that I decided to go to the gym instead.  I ran an easy mile on the treadmill and zinged through some of the machines, which felt good.  It’s not enough.  I would love to be able to incorporate more movement into my day, but I don’t see how to do it.

Friday – 3 miles on treadmill.  It was raining – and I was glad!  The treadmill is so much easier than outdoors.

Thursday – Was going to walk, but it started raining.

Wednesday – 2 miles walk on power line trail.

Tuesday – Powerline trail.  2 miles run, 1 mile walk.  Where is my stamina?

Monday – 2 miles brisk walk on power line trail.  Be-a-u-tiful day!

Thursday – 3 miles easy run on the treadmill.  Waiting for that 70 degree weather to reappear!

Wednesday – In the pool with Garrett’s swim class

Tuesday – Lazy

Monday 4/28/2008 – Raining.  30 minutes brisk walk on treadmill.  My cheapo earbuds don’t put out enough volume to hear over the machines.

Thursday 4/24/2008 – 3 miles power line trail.  Got turned on to the Buzz Out Load podcast, recommended by the Jave Posse.  It’s great!  My legs felt like lead.  I need new sneakers.

Wednesday 4/23/2008 – Lunch with Ginny and Laura

Tuesday 4/22/2008 – 3 miles power line trail.  70 degrees. Be-au-tiful day.  I’m bummed – my headphone wire is going flaky at the connector.  Listened to Java Posse.  A good day!

Monday 4/21/2008 – I did not go running today.  No good reason for it, either – I just didn’t feel like it.

Saturday 4/19/2008 – George signed up Garrett for a Magic class at the community center today.  Garrett went and he LOVED it!  Meanwhile, George and I worked out in the gym.  I ran on the treadmill, slowly, 3 miles.  I was supposedly listening to Jave Posse on my mp3 player, but I have to admit that I spent most of the time watching Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez, subtitled.  It was a dopey movie, but I’m a sucker for “nice” love stories, and J Lo is so pretty!

Friday 4/18/2008 – Another beautiful day.  My legs were so tired from running yesterday that I planned to take a relaxing walk at lunch time.  It was a good thing that my heart was not set on running, because around 11:00 I got a call from school saying that Garrett was sick – again!  There are three diseases circulating around the 1st grade that have been decimating all the classes:  strep throat, the achy/exhaustion illness, and a stomach virus.  Garrett already had the first two; I figured it was only a matter of time before the third struck.  He had a little diarhea, which hopefully means he had just a mild case of the stomach virus, and now he is done with it.  Or not. 

Thursday 4/17/2008 – 76 degrees, Woo Hoo!  I went running outside for the first time in a long while.  Wow, that is a lot harder than running on the treadmill.  2.75 miles.  My lungs did fine, but my legs didn’t have the strength.  Listened to a gread podcast of Joe Armstrong talking about Erlang on se-radio.

Wednesday 4/16/2008 – Supposed to go to lunch with Ginny and Laura, but we postponed until next week.  Bought new running shorts instead.

Tuesday 4/15/2008 – 30 minutes on the treadmill, slow jog, walk.  Not too ambitious today.

Monday 4/14/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill.  It’s almost nice enough to run outside again, but I feel that I am not in shape for it.

Thursday, Friday – Still recovering.  It’s a relaxing treat not to have to push myself to the gym or run errands.  I stayed in the office over lunch and worked on some things I wanted to do at a leisurely pace.

Wednesday 4/10/2008 – I went to work, Garrett went to school, but we still don’t feel well.  Very achy and fatigued.

Tuesday 4/9/2008 – Yup, sick.  Garrett and I stayed home today. 

Monday 4/8/2008 – Absolutely no energy!  All I could manage was 1 mile walking on the treadmill.  Developing a sore throat and achiness as the afternoon progresses.  Poor me.

Friday 4/4/2008 – 3 miles treadmill.  I took it nice and easy, no hills, not fast.  Listened to Java Posse.  There was a horrible infomercial on the TV about people with skin conditions and the whatever miracle cure.  It was not pleasant to watch.

Thursday 4/3/2008 – 3 miles treadmill.  I did the Sport Workout profile, with low hills.  Fun!  Listened to the end of “Product Line Engineering, Part 3” and a Java Posse interview with a guy who is writing a book about Rock Star programmers.  Sounds interesting – I’ll have to remember to pick up a copy.  In fact, perhaps I shall go check Amazon right now! 

Wednesday 4/2/2008 – Took a day off from running.  Went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchased some much needed new running clothes, instead.  I was down to a single pair of shorts and two white shirts with yellowed armpits, ech. 

Tuesday 4/1/2008 – 2 1/2 miles treadmill.  Listened to SE-Radio “Product Line Engineering, Part 3” podcast.  Great stuff.  I’m trying my eyes NOT to look up at the TV while running.  The soap operas are painfully malicious. 

Monday 3/31/2008 – 2 1/2 miles treadmill, using “Sport Workout” profile, i.e. simulated hills.  Fun!  I forgot my mp3 player, which was okay, and my hairband, which was also okay.  I tied my hair back with my sock.  It may have looked funny, but it worked surprisingly well.  The sock was awfully sweaty to put on again, though! 

Friday 3/28/2008 – Going to Best Buy to pick up some more memory for my laptop and an external hard drive.  Vista, here I come! 

Thursday 3/27/2008 – Gym – treadmill – 3 miles – Easy! 

Wednesday 3/26/2008 – Running – gym – treadmill – 3 miles.  Yay! 

 Wednesday 3/19/2008 – Tuesday 3/25/2008 – Down to Fort Myers, Florida for part of Garrett’s Spring Break.  Very nice.  We visited Barefoot Beach Preserve the day after a rainstorm and saw the most wonderful shells!  I went running on the hotel treadmill 1 day.  The rest of the time, we were on the go, go, go!

Tuesday 3/18/2008 – Worked through lunch, due to leaving work early to take Garrett to the doctor for his 7 year checkup.  He got the doctor’s stamp of approval! 

Monday 3/17/2008 – 2 1/2 miles treadmill run/walk/jog.  I was grumpy this morning because we were supposed to have a customer visiting all day and I thought that I would not get a change to run.  The customer did not show up, which made  me happy.  I hear he had problems at home, though, so I feel sad for his sake. 

Thursday 3/13/2008 – That was fun!  I used the Workout Buddy 5K Sport Run profile on the treadmill. The treadmill inclines up and down to simulate running on hills.  It starts out pretty easy, but the end is a steep hill.  3.1 miles.

Thought for the day:  I REALLY need to get exercise on weekends.  We are on the cusp of spring – I should be able to resume running outside again.  Do it! 

Wednesday – Stayed home with Garrett during the day.  Went to the Plymouth Community Center in the evening.  3 miles on the treadmill, plus a light workout on the machines.  They have beautiful new machines – I’m very impressed. 

Monday-Tuesday – Garrett sick with strep throat.  No time to exercise.  Wah! 

Friday – Who knows?

Thursday 3/6/2008 – Redeemed!  I was busy and engaged at noon, so I kept on working.  Then I was going to leave and go to the gym, but someone interrupted.  Ready to go to the gym again – interrupted.  Around 1:30, I thought, “Heck, I’m still going to the gym”, and off I went.  3 miles on the treadmill. 

Wednesday 3/5/2008 – Lunch with Ginny and Laura 

Tuesday 3/4/2008 – lazy 

Monday 3/3/2008- 2.75 miles running at the gym.  Still a little sore from yesterday, I took it at an easy pace.  Fun! 

Sunday 3/2/2008 – George and I went skiing a couple hours WOK (without kid) at Blue Mountain.  Woo hoo!  It was a perfect morning- sunny and cold enough that the snow wasn’t melting into slush, but not too cold.  My quadriceps were burning by the end of the day, which has never happened to me before.  I think this must be because since I started running I haven’t been exercising with the weight machines at the gym.  The problem with working out is that you can never do enough of it!  (Not if you live a real life, too.)

Friday 2/29/2008 – 2 miles running, 1/2 mile walking on the treadmill.  

Thursday 2/28/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill, 6.5, include = 0.  I wasn’t inspired enough to add an incline. I suspect, though, that I need to push myself more if I want to be in any kind of shape to run outside when the weather gets warmer. 

Tuesday 2/26/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill, 6.5, incline = 1 for the first half.  That incline makes a huge difference!   

Monday 2/25/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill – Too easy!  I need to either run longer or add some incline. 

Friday 2/22/2008 – George’s Birthday!  and Snow Day!   

Thursday 2/21/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill – Easy!  I listened to a great podcast interview with Dick Gabriel from se-radio.   He is a poet as well as a computer scientist.  He describes the creative process as where one part of your brain is moving forward with something and the other part of your brain is freely associating ideas every time the first brain part makes a step foward.   You can draw ideas from that second, chaotic part as needed.

Wednesday 2/20/2008 – Finally – 3 miles on the treadmill accomplished.  I skipped breakfast.   I am going to try eating only very lightly in the morning.  That’s going to be weird, because I am always starving in the morning.  I love breakfast.  I’m hoping that once my stomach gets used to the new schedule, it will accomodate me.

Tuesday 2/19/2008 – Oh my goodness.  I started running on the treadmill, but found myself experiencing some rather uncomfortable – and audible – digestive problems.  I had to call it quits after 10 minutes.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!

Monday 2/18/2008 – To my own surprise, I did not go running!  I worked through lunch instead.  That sounds virtuous, but really it’s not – I could have and should have made a point of stopping and going to the gym.  Tomorrow! 

Saturday 2/16/2008 – We went skiing at Bear Creek today.  On the first run down, Garrett burst into tears – tired and hungry, he said.  We did one more run (only because we needed to to get to the ski lodge), then we took Garrett to the lodge in search of food.  George went off to ski a while longer.  Garrett had two orders of pancakes, a little bacon, a little hash brown.  I had an order of pancakes with bacon.  Pretty tasty, actually.  I told Garrett he had to complete two more runs, then we could leave.  He wasn’t enthusiastic, but he did it.  We all left the slopes happily.  Garrett was happy because he didn’t have to ski anymore.  George was happy because he is going skiing again this Wednesday.  I was happy because they were happy.  But taking into account the amount I paid for lift tickets, those were sure expensive pancakes.

Friday 2/15/2008 – 3 miles on the treadmill, speed 6.5.  Listened to a GREAT podcast of Scott Hanselman interviewing his dad.  The subject was on raising a geek, but really it was all about parenting.  This show should get an award, it’s that good.   

 Thursday 2/14/2008 – I needed a break today.  Went to Barnes and Noble instead, but I couldn’t find any books I wanted to buy.  Ate a pricey cheese sandwich from their cafe.  It wasn’t so great, but I did feel SO much better for the rest of the afternoon after having eaten a plentiful amount.  I think that most of the time I must be starving.

Wednesday 2/13/2008 – Better day at work – everyone else was getting beat up.  Slush and rain.  Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at 6.5, a little faster than usual.  It was great. 

Tuesday 2/12/2008 – Bad, busy, beat up at work.  It was snowing and I knew I would probably leave early to pick up Garrett.  I went running anyway!  3 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  As always, so easy on the treadmill, and so dull. 

Monday 2/11/2008 – Freezing cold today – probably the coldest day of the winter, so I wasn’t going to go running, which was just as well since Rich called me in to a meeting with customers over lunch.  Ugh.  I’m just a simple engineer.  

Friday 2/8/2008 – 3 miles.  Moderate temperature.  Very pleasant.  I took it easy and ran slowly.  Felt better than Tuesday. 

Thursday 2/7/2008 – Farewell lunch with Bonnie on the schedule for today.   

Wednesday 2/6/2008 – 60 degrees.  I did not go running today.  Sore from yesterday and wanting to play around with some ideas at work.   

Tuesday 2/5/2008 – 60 degrees!  Hazy.  3 miles running on the Power Line trail, stripping off layers as I went.  It felt great to be outside again.  I have definately lost my edge, sigh.  My MP3 player abruptly stopped soon into the run, but the weather was so nice, and there were so many little birds twittering about that I didn’t mind.  The last time I ran before this was 1/10!

Monday 2/4/2008 – I totally wimped out today!  I left the house planning to run at lunchtime.  When the time came, I stepped outside to check the weather.  Chilly (40 degrees), damp, overcast – ick!  I just couldn’t do it.  Nor did I feel like going to the gym.  I went to Staples and bought CDs instead.  I bought Memorex, at $15 per 100.  All the other CDs were about $32 per 100.  Perhaps there is some association between the price and the lousy quality – I had all kinds of problems with the last set of Memorex CDs that I bought.  I debated buying the more expensive CDs to see if they work better.  Greed – or is it thrift – won out in the end.  If I have problems with these CDs, though, I may rethink going for the higher price next time. 

Friday 2/1/2008 – 30 minutes, 2 miles walking on the treadmill.  Pouring rain outside.  Next week is supposed to be nice – I think I’ll go running! 

Thursday 1/31/2008 – 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I can breathe again!  A little coughing, not too bad.  I’m ready to start running again next week, if the weather cooperates. 

Wednesday 1/30/2008 – Lunch with Ginny. 

Tuesday 1/29/2008 – 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Not much coughing, but still an annoying shortness of breath.

Monday 1/28/2008 – 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I was a little short of breath and coughing, but it was doable. 

Thursday 1/24/2008 – 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I tried the elliptical again, but it makes me cough. 

Wednesday 1/23/2008 – 30 minutes of active walking and gentle coughing on the treadmill. 

Tuesday 1/22/2008 – Inching back to life.  I tried to work out at the gym, but even a gentle stint on the elliptical machine had me coughing.  I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill without problems.

 Monday 1/21/2008 – Took a walk around the block at lunch.  It was cold (20’s).  

Monday 1/14/2008 – Sunday 1/20/2008 and counting – Sick all week.  Running is not even a glint in my eye at present. 

Friday 1/11/2008 – POURING rain.  Walked 2 miles on the treadmill. 

Thursday 1/10/2008 – 3 miles.  50 degrees.  0 cats.  Plenty of joggers. 

Tuesday 1/8/2008 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  64 degrees.  1 cat.  Warm enough that my face turns very red, alas. 

Monday 1/7/2008 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  60-ish degrees.  Two cats, lots of joggers.  

Friday 1/4/2008 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  36 deg. 15 MPH W? wind.  Sunny.   I’m not believing that 36 degrees – it felt just as cold as yesterday!  I saw a GoldenDoodle taking a walk – part Golden Retrieve, part Poodle.  She had a beautiful curly coat – gold with white gold highlights.  She was 8 months old but big, prancing along happily.

Thursday 1/3/2008 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  23 deg., 15 MPH NNW wind.  Sunny!  I dressed a little warmer than yesterday (3 shirts), which was fine.  Nippy running into the wind, comfortable running home again.  Thank goodness the trail heads north!

Wednesday 1/2/2008 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  33 deg., 15 MPH NNW wind.  A little nippy, but the sun was shining, which made it all worth while.  Ice on the puddles. 

Friday 12/28/2007 – 3 miles Power Line Trail.  As typical, I feared being cold but instead was too hot.  Wearing long-sleeve cotton shirt, jersey, warm fuzzy hat. 

Wednesday 12/26/2007 – 3 miles around the block.  IT FELT GREAT! 

Monday 12/24/2007 – Back from Washington.  I’m not sure when I shall get some free time to go running again. 

Sunday 12/23/2007 – Ran 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill in the hotel workout room.  Garrett came with us and had a grand time doing his own work out, under George’s close supervision. 

Saturday 12/22/2007 – We drove to Washingon DC for the weekend.   

Friday 12/21/2007 – The company Christmas party – always a noteworthy event.  This year was comparitively sedate.  A good speech by Rich – enlightening to hear his view of things. 

Thursday 12/20/2007 – Back outside!  2 1/2 miles.  Not  many people on the trail today.

Wednesday 12/19/2007 – 3 miles 0 deg. treadmill.  Easy!

Tuesday – Christmas shopping instead.  Yech. 

Monday 12/17/2007 – 3 miles 2 deg. treadmill indoors.  37 deg. and breezy outside – it felt good to be inside today!  Martha Stewart was doing a “best of 2007” rerun show – she had a clip of a show with her mother, which was quite cute.  It is easy to forget that everybody has a mother. 

Saturday 12/15/2007 – Skiing at Big Boulder.  Garrett was so great last weekend that we had high hopes, but this weekend was a little tougher.  He didn’t want to do Snow Monsters, so we skiied as a family.  It went something like this:  ski 3 runs, retreat to lodge to eat, 3 more runs, back to lodge for more eating, 4 runs, and not an inch more would he ski.  It felt like we spent more of the day eating than skiing, but I guess that’s life with a 6 year old. 

Update:  Kieran, father of 4 boys, agrees that his children would rather eat then ski.  He says they view skiing as a form of transportation to get from one lodge to another. 

Friday 12/14/2007 – Outside again, woo hoo!  45 degrees, weak wintery sun.  3 miles.  It’s funny – I dreaded running in colder weather, but it turns out to be much easier than running in hot weather.  Now I can dread running this summer! 

Thursday 12/13/2007 – 3 miles 2 deg. treadmill 

Tuesday 12/11/2007 –  2 3/4 miles 2 deg. treadmill.  Too hot inside – I might have to go back outdoors. 

Monday 12/10/2007 – 2 1/2 miles 2 deg. treadmill 

Saturday and Sunday 12/8 and 12/9/2007 – We went skiing at Big Boulder.  Garrett was incredible!  He enrolled in the Snow Monsters program on Saturday afternoon and essentially learned to ski!  By Sunday, he was faster than I am down the mountain.  In true kid fashion, he skis straight downhill.  S-turns “are so annoying!”  We were impressed with the ski instruction – they really knew how to explain it to him. 

Thursday and Friday 12/6 and 12/7/2007 – I think I ran at the gym, but I was too busy to write about it. 

Wednesday 12/5/2007  – I was going to dutifully work through lunch, but the machine isn’t available, so I went to the gym.  3 miles on the treadmill, 2% incline.  Yay!  I’m happy!  I still have a lot of code issues.  I’m just trying to stay calm, work through it, not panic, and not let myself get pushed into anything. 

Tuesday 12/4/2007 – My code doesn’t work.  I had to work through lunch.  No running.  I’m still miserable.  BUT I am managing to keep things in perspective. 

Monday 12/3/2007 – My code doesn’t work.  I had to work through lunch.  No running.  I’m miserable.   

Saturday 12/1/2007 – 1 1/2 miles, which was 3 times around the block.  Then George and Garrett came outside to find me.  George went back to split wood; Garrett came with me for one more lap around the block, alternating running and walking.  He was clomping in his winter boots – so cute.   This says it all about life as a parent – it was wonderful to have him with me, but at the same time, I didn’t get to finish my run the way I wanted to.

Friday 11/30/2007 – Worked through lunch + stomach bug. 

Thursday 11/29/2007 – Stomach bug – bleh. 

Wednesay 11/28/2007 – Lunch with Ginny and Laura.  Also nauseous – some kind of stomach bug. 

Tuesday 11/27/2007 – I’m getting lazy.  Ran 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill.  It’s so easy!  If I’m going to run inside, I need to toughen up my workout.  Also, I can’t hear my mp3 player over the drone of treadmills.  We are in to some true November weather – chilly, overcast, windy – but I think I have to force myself back outside. 

Monday 11/26/2007 – Raining.  Ran 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill.

Sunday 11/25/2007 – 5 times around the block = 2 1/2 miles

Saturday 11/24/2007 – Finally!  Running again.  4 or 5 times around the block – I lost count.

Friday 11/23/2007 – Had to go in to work.

Thursday 11/22/2007 – Thanksgiving at our house – busy cooking.

 Wednesday 11/21/2007 – g’s school let out early.

Tuesday 11/20/2007 – Bug in my code.  Had to work on it over lunch.

Monday 11/19/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  39 degrees.  About as wet as it can be without actually raining.  It was drizzling overnight.  Whenever it rains, water collects in a gully that I have to cross between two parking lots.  It’s too far for me to jump across, so I always end up stepping in it and running with a wet foot.  The (sensible) alternative would be to run the other way in the parking lot past my coworkers to the sidewalk, but I am too shy to do that.  It’s really not that cold – I’m surprised to see the temperature is 39 degrees.  No wind.   I had to work to motivate myself outside into the gray, chill, and damp, but once out there, I had a very nice run. 

Friday 11/16/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  43 degrees.  Snow!  (for about 5 seconds)  I really like my cool running pullover with the sleeves that stretch over my hands.  Still some fuzzy caterpillars strolling around.   

Thursday 11/15/2007 – 3 miles on the treadmill.  Cool and raining outdoors.  Running in the gym is pleasantly warm and dry, but not so fun as being outdoors. 

Tuesday 11/13/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  62 degrees.  Cool and rainy this morning but now sunny and mild.   

Friday 11/9/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  47 degrees.  You know, it is actually much easier to run when it is cool like this!  Still, I miss warmth and sunshine. 

Thursday 11/8/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  I dillied and dallied before running today.  It is 45 degrees with a small amount of wind – I was afraid of being too cold.  Finally I forced myself out the door.  It was wonderful!  It felt great.  I returned invigorated.  Ha!  It was sunny, which helped my frame of mind.  I need a better hat for colder weather, but at least I know I can survive this semi-cold.  Yay. 

Tuesday 11/6/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  53 degrees and breezy.   I love my new pullover – it has really long sleeves that can fold over my hands to keep them warm.  You know how with gloves your hands get too hot, then you take the gloves off and your hands are freezing – this sleeve thing works much better.  You can cover your hands just a little bit, you can let air in, you can fold the sleeves totally off your hands or totally over your hands – it’s great.  The other news is we are getting a new kitchen floor installed today.

Monday – 2 1/2 miles run. Beautiful day.   

Saturday – George and I had plans for an evening out.  We were going to the gym, out to dinner, and then out shopping, just to walk around for a bit.  Well, we left the house rather late, so we only had 15 minutes of workout time before the gym closed.  I had a “quality” workout – 1 1/2 miles  on the treadmill.  We followed up with a delicious dinner at… uh, the Irish pub in Ambler with an unspellable name.  Afterwards, we walked around Bed, Bath and Beyond for a while.  Bought a fluffy flannel blue blanket for the spare bedroom.  You know you are middle-aged when this is a great night out! 

Friday – I had an unbelievable day where waves of phone calls, questions, and e-mails kept rolling through.  I kept my head above the water, but barely.  Anyway, I worked through lunch at a calmer pace – a “break”, if you will.  All this is to say that I didn’t go running.  But it’s okay.

Thursday – Well, I wasn’t intending to, but I ran today.  I had been planning to go to an MSDN Event in the afternoon, but I was so busy, I didn’t go.  So I did go running.  The usual – 2 1/2 miles.  Oh, and I saw an Osprey – the military kind.  It is one ugly aircraft.  The propellers were in the forward position, but they still look and sound like helicopter propellers.  The body was a weird shape – not cigar-shaped like an airplane; it had a roundish, flat belly.   That was cool.  Also, I saw a black and white cat hunting, a HUGE dog -somewhat shaped like a St. Bernard, but white and with a pointier face, and a cute little but chuppy fox terrier.  Also a Praying Mantis and a big brown grasshopper.  The temperature was mid 60’s, slightly overcast.

Wednesday – Halloween parade at school.  g was a Star Wars Clone Trooper.  All the kids in first grade are sointo dressing up for Hallween – this is such a great age to watch.  I probably wouldn’t have run anyhow, but I definately didn’t today because I arrived late to work. 

Tuesday 10/30/2007 – 60 degrees.  2 1/2 miles.  Lately, I see cats every time I run.  Sleek, well-fed cats with collars.  They are sitting out in the fields waiting and watching.  Why do I see so many now, when I didn’t see them all summer?  Were they lying lazily inside when the weather was hot?  Or is it that now the underbrush is dying down and there is more visibility?  I also saw a Doberman with his owner but off the leash.  He followed me for a ways after I ran by.  I could hear his tags jingling behind me.  He was a beautiful dog, and I’m sure very well-behaved – but all I could think of was his instincts kicking and taking a big bite out of me!

Monday 10/29/2007 – 48 degrees.  2 mile Power Line run.  I cut it short to be ready for a 1:00 meeting. 

Sunday 10/28/2007 – Ran 5 times around the block, which I think is 2 1/2 miles.  It seems to be a shorter 2 1/2 mile run than my power line run – it was much easier.  It felt great.  

Friday 10/26/2007 – 57 degrees and drizzling.  Not running today.  I’m sorry to say this, but I was relieved to see the rain when I poked my head outside at noon.  I hate the thought of going out in this cold, drear weather.  I need to have a better backup plan for cold days, i.e., all the days between now and next June!  Either I have to go back to the gym for the season, or I need to stock up on some warmer running gear. 

Thursday 10/25/2007 – 57 degrees and overcast.  Very seasonal.  2 1/2 miles.  I’m still concerned about having the right amount of clothing on for the cool weather.   I don’t want to get hot, but I hate being cold.  No problem today – I was comfortable in pants and a long-sleeve cotton shirt. 

Wednesday – Lunch with Ginny and Laura 

Tuesday 10/23/2007 – 76 degrees, breezy.  2 1/2 miles.  The leaves started falling in quantity today. 

Monday 10/22/2007 – Yay!  Running again!  76 degrees.  2 1/2 miles. 

Friday  – Pouring rain. 

Thursday 10/18/2007 – Couldn’t go!  We had a parent teacher conference at 7:45, so I was late getting to work.  Then I left for half an hour to go to a viewing for the sister of a coworker.  Then I left at 3 to pick up g from school – no extended day today.  With all that, I felt obliged to work through lunch.  I hope to run tomorrow – I hear it is going to rain! 

Wednesday 10/17/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  The usual. 

Tuesday – Wah.  Beautiful day, but I had been procrastinating an unpleasant work item for the last two days, so I had to stay in at lunch and do it. 

Monday 10/15/2007 – Beautiful, beautiful day.  Low 70’s, I guess.  Ran 2 1/2 miles. 

Friday 10/12/2007 – Sunny, pleasant day.  Upper 60’s.  Windy!  2 1/2 miles.  This is my first run in weather that isn’t hot.  Not that it is very cold now, but I need to figure out how to dress for the cold.  I wore workout pants – they had no pockets.  How stupid is that!  I wore a long sleeve shirt.  I didn’t need or wear gloves, but my hands started feeling raw and chapped.  My ears became painfully cold when I was running into the wind.  I think what I need is a sweatshirt with a big pocket in front to tuck my hands in as needed and a hood.

Thursday 10/11/2007 – Pouring rain.  Seasonal weather has arrived at last.  I went to Avalon Carpet Tile and Flooring instead.  We are in desperate need of a new kitchen floor 

Wednesday 10/10/2007 – Ran 2 1/2 miles.  Pleasant temperature – mid 70’s – still very humid.   

Tuesday 10/9/2007 – Ran 2 1/2 miles.  Very hot and humid.  Can this really be October? 

Monday 10/8/2007 – Columbus day.  G and I took vacation days from work, since g had the day off.  We went bike riding on the Perkiomen trail with MR and her girls.  12 miles  – a very good distance for g to ride!  No complaints, even. 

Friday 10/5/2007 – 3 miles on the treadmill at the Plymouth Community Center.  G and I had a rare evening out – workout at the gym, dinner at Phil’s (greasy, animal consuming, life-shortening cheesesteaks and onion rings – but they were delicious), shopping for kitchen floors.  Apparently nobody buys plain old vinyl anymore.  Hardwood or tile are the thing.  Even most of the vinyl looks like faux tile.  Anyway, the treadmill was much easier on my legs, but booooooring!  Running indoors over the winter is not going to be an option.  My legs and whole body have been tired and achy this week.  Maybe the three day weekend will set them straight.

Thursday 10/4/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  New running shoes.  They seemed okay, I don’t know.  My feet have been hurting lately.   

Tuesday 10/2/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  Saw some yellow and white butterflies.  Also some floating fluffy white seeds, but the plants are definately dying off.  I saw a man walking with his son, about 4 years old, to the playground.  The man was talking on his cell phone.  I hate to see that.  They could have been walking along conversing, or in silence, but sharing the experience, the time, and each other.  Instead, the child is getting the message that he is not as important as the person on the other end of the phone.

Monday 10/1/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  The plants along the trail are past seeding and now dying.  Didn’t notice any butterflies – a few weeks ago, they were wonderfully everywhere.  Summer is ending. 

Sunday 9/30/2007 – Half hour bike ride with G1 and G2 from our house to the Plymouth Community Center and back.  Very nice. 

Friday 9/28/2007 – 2 1/2 miles 

Thursday 9/27/2007 – 2 miles in my neighborhood 

Wednesday 9/26/2007 – 0 miles.  Lunch with Ginny and Laura instead! 

Tuesday 9/25/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.   

Monday 9/24/2007 – 2 1/2 miles.  Another beautiful day! 

Friday 9/21/2007 – 2 1/2 miles 

Thursday 9/20/2007 Beautiful day, 2 1/2 miles, no dead rodents.  Ran after work, since I worked through lunch.  Had a bug in my eye for most of the run.  Makes me glad I am not a horse.

Tuesday 9/18/2007 Beautiful day, 2 1/2 miles.  5 1/2 little dead rodents spotted on the paved trail.  Why do they die there?  Not so many grasshoppers anymore.  The white fuzzies from the plants have flown away.  Reminds me of Eric Carle’s The Seed. 

Monday 9/17/2007 65 deg. 2 1/2 miles.  Beautiful day.   Oh, how much easier when the weather is cooler! 

Friday 9/14/2007 –  75 deg. 2 1/2 miles.  The plants are all going to seed, saw lots of fluffy white fuzzy things wafting gracefully through the air.  Butterflies, grasshoppers  – green and black, crickets.  It is not uncommon that I see a tiny dead rodent (a vole maybe?) lying on the path.  Why do they die just there? 

Thursday 9/13/2007 – The weather is beautiful.  Has that end of summer feel to it.   2 1/2 miles.

Wednesday 9/12/2007  72 deg., beautiful sunny, breezy day.  2 1/2 miles.  Listened to SE-Radio podcast on Model Driven Development vs. Product Line Engineering.   Both are methodologies with the goal of producing variants of a common base product.  MDD uses Domain Specific Languages to create the differences.  This is similar to what we do with our scripting language.  PLE is configuration-driven.  A gentleman from SAP said that their product uses more than 30000 configuration switches!

Tuesday 9/11/2007 – No run today.  Pouring, absolutely pouring, at lunchtime. 

Monday 9/10/2007 – 88 deg. , very humid but overcast.  2 1/2 mile.  I felt good throughout – the cloud cover made all the difference!

Friday 9/7/2007 – 86 deg. – 2 1/2 mile Power Line trail.  Slow – it was hot! 

Thursday 9/6/2007 – 82 deg. – 2 1/2 mile Power Line trail. 

Wednesday 9/5/2007 – George and I had the afternoon off, took a 12 mile bike ride  from Plymouth Meeting through Conshohocken towards Manayunk. 

Friday to Tuesday 9/4/2007 – Vacationing in the Poconos.  Absolutely gorgeous, perfect weather.  Activities included:  Ran 3 days, about 2 miles each.   2 very short bikerides around the local development with G on trail-a-bike.  Hilly, though, so it wasn’t easy!  Wandered around Bushkill Falls – very touristy, but very scenic and well presented.  We went with our friends the H. family.  Elizabeth is 8 months pregnant – a real trooper, she steadily (but slowly!) climbed up and down all the stairs to the falls.  Another day, G, G and I went for a hike on the Hickory Run Trail at Promised Land State park.  It was a short but scenic walk.  G complained incessantly – he was in one of those moods -and I ended up carrying him piggy back for much of the hike.  I feel like I am raising a little Howard Hughes – he hates to leave the house.

Tuesday 8/28/2007 – 82 deg, sunny, 2 1/2 miles 

Monday 8/27/2007 –  82 deg., sunny, beautiful day if a little warm.  Ran 2 1/2 miles.  A little discouraged – I’m still slightly breathless and lightheaded after all these months.  Listened to Hanselminutes – Scott told Carl he’s crazy, and convinced him to host his e-mail on the Internet.  Carl, loyalist that he is, decided to go with Microsoft Live Domains.  Listened to half of JavaPosse – jing, jing, jing! – as well.  Saw a mom with two cute little girls pushing their dollies in strollers.

Sunday 8/26/2007 – No run, but we (Dad G, G, and me) did go for a bike ride today.   We started at the Home Depot in Plymouth meeting and rode through Conshohocken to ?Spring Mill?  The scenery was an artistic combination of industrial mingled with luxuriant SE Pennsylvania greenery.  G rode happily on the trail-a-bike.  We covered 6 miles, which is as far as his attention span can last.  It was a really nice time for all of us. 

Friday 8/24/2007 – 78 deg, hazy, 2 1/2 mile.  Javaposse today.

Thursday 8/23/2007 – At a Microsoft Events seminar.

Wednesday 8/22/2007 – 68 deg, 2 1/2 mile.  Time to start thinking about cool weather running gear?

Tuesday 8/21/2007 – Raining 

Monday 8/20/2007 – 70 deg, drizzling, 2 1/2 mile.  At least I wasn’t hot!  My ears were cold. 

Friday 8/17/2007 – 88 deg., 2 1/2 mile, no problem 

Thursday 8/16/2007 – ??, sprinkling, 2 1/2 mile, new cheap earphones -you get what you pay for.  Lots of goldfinches.

Wednesday 8/15/2007 – 84 deg, a little warm, 2 1/2 mile Power trail, earphones still fritzy.  Met Vincent – I always see him out taking a walk at lunch time and give him a wave, but we had never actually spoken before.  He works at the company next door.

Tuesday 8/14/2007 – 82 deg, beautiful day, 2 1/2 mile Power trail, my earphones have a cracked wire, wah 

Monday 8/13/2007 – 84 deg, 2 1/2 mile Power trail – A little hot, but not too bad.

Friday 8/10/2007 – 84 deg., 66% humidity – 2 1/2 mile Power Line trail – ran.  Oh, I was wet by the end! 

Thursday 8/09/2007 – Powerline trail – 2 1/2 miles – 88 deg. – Ran entire.  Hot but breezy.

Wednesday – 97 deg. – Too hot for me!

Tuesday – G sick, so I stayed home.

Monday 8/06/2007 – Powerline trail – 2 1/2 miles – 82 deg. – Ran without much problem.  Very humid, but overcast with a breeze. 

Sunday 8/05/07 – Around the block – 1/2 mile – ran/walked  – I was going to go for a “real” run, but G (age 6) came with me, which was a fun surprise!  He did great – he’s a speedster!

Friday 8/03/07 – 90’s – Powerline trail – Ran , walked the end 

Wednesday 8/01/07 – 90 deg – Ran 1 1/2, walked 1 mile of power line trail.  Disappointed in myself, but too hot. 

Tuesday 7/31/07 – 82 deg – Ran powerline trail.  Springy for most of it, but ready to quit by the end. 

Monday 7/30/07 – Too Hot! – Ran/walked powerline trail (2 1/2 miles roundtrip)



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